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langston university center for international development (lucid)

langston university center for international development (lucid)

the langston university center for international development (lucid) is an educational unit which facilitates, coordinates and monitors all international affairs of the university.

study abroad opportunities and activities are a major component of lucid. the development, planning, administration and implementation of study abroad and international activities are a part of lucid. short-term and long-term study abroad activities for students, scholarships, fellowships, and issues related to international students who are studying at langston are conducted at the center. we provide research and teaching opportunities for international faculty and scholars to langston while also providing domestic faculty and scholars at lu opportunities to experience foreign countries. an international reservoir of material is located at lucid to assist individuals to make decisions regarding educational and international opportunities.

lucid provides research and training to our external constituents as well as our internal faculty, staff and students. lucid also serves as a reservoir and center for international information for the campus, local agencies, schools, and organizations. it houses a collection of international bulletins, maps, charts, directions, newsletters, films, slides, government reports, books, brochures, magazines, and job opportunities abroad.

a major function of the center is to work closely with the united states agency for international development (usaid) in implementing its foreign economic assistance program.

as a service provider, the center works with usaid contractors to arrange, deliver, and administer the training needs of participating countries. the center coordinates the international training capabilities of all academic units of the university. to market those capabilities to usaid and other contractors, the center develops and distributes informational brochures, capability statements, and course announcements. center personnel also market its training capabilities through participation in usaid-sponsored conferences and association meetings, as well as visits to usaid headquarters in washington, d.c.

scholarships/ fellowships for semester and year study abroad opportunities throughout the world.

dr. clyde montogmery, (405) 466-3424,

institute for international public policy (iipp)
apply sophomore year, study junior year

gilman scholarship; crossroads africa; wales. other scholarships are available based on the countries where a student has chosen to study.


for additional information regarding scholarships, contact the langston university center for international development at (405) 466-3424.