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counseling center

counseling center

the counseling center at langston university has licensed mental health professionals who provide professional services designed to assist students in their personal, emotional and social development. through counseling, students learn how to cope with various challenges related to identity development, goal setting, social coping skills, managing emotions, and/or how to resolve or cope with conflicts both internally and externally. outreach and consultation services are also provided to members of the campus community, including faculty and staff.

there are no additional fees for services. services are confidential in accordance with the ethical guidelines of the american psychological association and state and federal laws.

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confidentiality statement

consultation for faculty, staff, parents, and students

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if you are a student in crisis, an on-call counselor is available in university women 110 or 111 or by phone (405) 466-3400, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., weekdays. after hours counselors are available by phone through a resource named call sam at (855) 225-2726 or by contacting the langston university police at (405) 466-3366 or 911.

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