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the office of sponsored programs

the office of sponsored programs


dear faculty, staff and colleagues:

the office of sponsored programs (osp) is a dedicated research unit that assists the university's faculty, staff, and students with the pre-award process by seeking funding opportunities from external sponsors. osp administers, monitors, and modifies all grants and contracts for the university. the osp is dedicated to assisting langston university faculty, students, and staff in obtaining the necessary approvals to ensure compliance with all federal, state and university regulations governing the conduct of research.

objectives of the langston university office of sponsored programs:

to assist faculty and staff with identification of funding sources.
to support all pre-award activities of proposal development (activities that occur before the proposal is submitted).
to manage internal review, grant routing, and approval.
to serve as the initial focal point and official liaison between external funding agencies and internal departments.
to submit proposals to the sponsor (
to disseminate information to faculty and staff about the availability of, and deadlines for, external funding for research, extension, etc.
to maintain official langston university award files.

the office of sponsored programs is located on the third floor of page hall room 312b (west wing). office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. monday through friday.

for more information or to make comments contact:
ardenna harris, director
phone: (405) 466-2039
fax: (405) 466-6014

proposal writing resources

these powerpoint presentations provide information that will assist the potential and current principle investigator at langston university with compiling a successful proposal packet for submission.

grant writing 101 part 1
grant writing 101 part 2

forms and documents

faculty staff profile sheet
langston university subrecipient commitment form
lu proposal preparation fact sheet
langston university routing form new
langston university routing policy
steps to submitting a proposal
institutional grant policy

current grant opportunities

please take a moment to visit the grant information. 

additional grants can be found on the website. 


notice of intent to submit a proposal

complete a notice of intent to submit form and submit it to the office of sponsored programs; an e-mail to the osp outlining your intention to submit a proposal is acceptable. it is mandatory that all principal investigators (pi's) submit this form. in circumstances when more than one department is interested in applying for a particular funding opportunity, this will ensure university faculty and staff are aware that there is an interested party in a particular funding opportunity.

when an rfp, rfq or call for proposals allows only one submission from the institution, it’s first come first serve; however the vice president for academic affairs can make the final decision whose proposal will go forth .

notice of intent to submit form

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langston institutional research

langston university institutional review board

institutional review board information

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